Commit 04eb3003 authored by Bertrand Gauthier's avatar Bertrand Gauthier
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Nécessité de faire setUseRouteMatch(true) sur les pages de type Mvc.

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......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
namespace UnicaenApp\View\Helper\Navigation;
use Zend\Navigation\Page\Mvc;
use Zend\View\Helper\Navigation\Menu;
use Zend\Navigation\Page\AbstractPage;
use UnicaenApp\Exception\LogicException;
......@@ -284,11 +285,14 @@ class AbstractMenu extends Menu
$escapeLabel = false;
if ($page instanceof Mvc) {
try {
$page->getHref(); // si on ne parvient pas à construire l'URL alors on sort
$html = parent::htmlify($page, $escapeLabel, $addClassToListItem);
return $html;
}catch(\Exception $e){
} catch(\Exception $e){
return null;
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