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Browse files : suppression des commandes déportées vers le composer.json.

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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# This script runs required operations in order to set up the application.
# Composer install
composer install --no-dev --no-suggest --optimize-autoloader
# mpdf/mpdf/ttfontdata dir access
#chown -R www-data:root vendor/mpdf/mpdf/ttfontdata && chmod -R 770 vendor/mpdf/mpdf/ttfontdata
# Répertoire d'upload par défaut
#mkdir -p upload && chown -R www-data:root upload && chmod -R 770 upload
# Répertoires de travail de Doctrine
mkdir -p data/cache && chmod -R 777 data/cache
mkdir -p data/DoctrineModule/cache && chmod -R 777 data/DoctrineModule/cache
mkdir -p data/DoctrineORMModule/Proxy && chmod -R 777 data/DoctrineORMModule/Proxy
rm -rf data/cache/*
rm -rf data/DoctrineModule/cache/*
rm -rf data/DoctrineORMModule/Proxy/*
# Commandes Doctrine
vendor/bin/doctrine-module orm:clear-cache:query
vendor/bin/doctrine-module orm:clear-cache:metadata
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