Commit fe578880 authored by Antony Le Courtes's avatar Antony Le Courtes
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Ajout IBAN et BIC dans MV_INTERVENANT.sql Octopus

parent 1a4b56cd
......@@ -179,8 +179,8 @@ SELECT DISTINCT
ELSE 0 END numero_insee_provisoire,
/* Banque */
CAST(NULL AS varchar2(255)) iban,
CAST(NULL AS varchar2(255)) bic,
TRIM(vindiban.iban) iban,
TRIM(vindiban.bic) bic,
CAST(NULL AS numeric(1)) rib_hors_sepa,
/* Données complémentaires */
CAST(NULL AS varchar2(255)) autre_1,
......@@ -205,6 +205,7 @@ FROM i
ON i.code = induni.c_individu_chaine --AND induni.c_source IN ('HARP', 'OCTO', 'SIHAM'))
LEFT JOIN octo.individu@octoprod ind ON ind.c_individu_chaine = induni.c_individu_chaine
LEFT JOIN octo.v_individu_insee@octoprod vindinsee ON ind.c_individu_chaine = vindinsee.individu_id
LEFT JOIN octo.v_individu_iban@octoprod vindiban ON vindiban.individu_id = ind.c_individu_chaine
LEFT JOIN octo.v_individu@octoprod vind ON vind.c_individu_chaine = induni.c_individu_chaine
--On récupére la structure principale de l'individu
LEFT JOIN structure_aff_enseigne sae ON sae.individu_id = induni.c_individu_chaine
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