Commit 0a8cc2c8 authored by Lienhart Woitok's avatar Lienhart Woitok
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Fix $root_mail_recipient to allow arrays

According to the documentation of Mailalias, multiple
recipients should be specified as array, however, this
modules expected $root_mail_recipient to be a string.
parent de609e76
...@@ -118,7 +118,9 @@ class postfix ( ...@@ -118,7 +118,9 @@ class postfix (
validate_string($mynetworks) validate_string($mynetworks)
validate_string($myorigin) validate_string($myorigin)
validate_string($relayhost) validate_string($relayhost)
if ! is_array($root_mail_recipient) {
validate_string($root_mail_recipient) validate_string($root_mail_recipient)
validate_string($smtp_listen) validate_string($smtp_listen)
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