Unverified Commit 65b3d6f3 authored by Tobias Wolter's avatar Tobias Wolter Committed by GitHub
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Fix hardcoded map path (#287)

The relationship definition for the map path in `Postfix::Transport` was
hardcoded, so that any non-standard `$file` parameter did not create an
automatic refresh of the map, even if it is defined as a

Fixed be replacing the hardcoded string with the `$file` variable, which
means no change with expected behaviour.
parent edff5690
...@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ define postfix::transport ( ...@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ define postfix::transport (
Package['postfix'] -> Postfix::Transport[$title] Package['postfix'] -> Postfix::Transport[$title]
} }
if defined(Postfix::Hash['/etc/postfix/transport']) { if defined(Postfix::Hash[$file]) {
Postfix::Transport[$title] ~> Postfix::Hash['/etc/postfix/transport'] Postfix::Transport[$title] ~> Postfix::Hash[$file]
} }
} }
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