Commit d7991b52 authored by Lienhart Woitok's avatar Lienhart Woitok
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$mydestination should allow comma separated values

According to the example given in manifests/mta.pp,
$mydestination should allow '$myorigin,'.
However, the regular expression didn't allow this value.
parent de609e76
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ class postfix::mta (
validate_re($relayhost, '^\S+$',
'Wrong value for $relayhost')
validate_re($mydestination, '^\S+$',
validate_re($mydestination, '^\S+(?:,\s*\S+)*$',
'Wrong value for $mydestination')
validate_re($mynetworks, '^\S+$',
'Wrong value for $mynetworks')
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