Commit 54ab1a35 authored by Matt Wise's avatar Matt Wise
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Rename the Service[radiusd] resource to Service[$fr_service].

This fixes unit tests on non-CentOS hosts where the service
name is freeradius instead of radiusd.
parent b3a530b8
......@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ class freeradius (
# radiusd always tests its config before restarting the service, to avoid outage. If the config is not valid, the service
# won't get restarted, and the puppet run will fail.
service { 'radiusd':
service { $freeradius::fr_service:
ensure => running,
name => $freeradius::fr_service,
require => [Exec['radiusd-config-test'], File['radiusd.conf'], User[$freeradius::fr_user], Package[$freeradius::fr_package],],
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