Commit c371b493 authored by fredj's avatar fredj
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postfix::config: fix augeas name.

An "invalid tag" error was thrown is the value was something like "[]".
The trick was to surround the value with single quotes.
Thanks gmambro for the bug report.
parent 2dc4c41b
......@@ -37,13 +37,13 @@ define postfix::config ($ensure = present, $value) {
case $ensure {
present: {
augeas { "set postfix $name to $value":
augeas { "set postfix '${name}' to '${value}'":
changes => "set $name $value",
absent: {
augeas { "set postfix $name to $value":
augeas { "rm postfix '${name}'":
changes => "rm $name",
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