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    Refactor: display tls (#1545) · 022d4934
    Francesc Guasch authored
    refactor: display TLS
    * refactor(backend): fix duplicated process req
    * feat: clean db leftovers
    * detect properly duplicated port
    * refactor: store id_vm + port
    * refactor(test): check port conflict
    * refactor(test): copy config for mock domains
    * check enforce limits properly
    * check better port conflicts
    * fix(install): correct id_vm
    * properly test TLS
    * : store port and vm to check duplicates
    * show displays TLS
    * clean cache when desconnecting VMs
    * test: allow link sizes attribute
    * test(displays): check gone TLS display when migrating
    * install: clean ports before create index
    * test ports with rvd_back running
    * make sure there is an n_order field
    *test ports and unload nbd when testing spinoff
    * install: clean duplicated indexes
    * refactor(test): tet mojo in background
    * refactor(frontend): hide display URL unless port
    * vlc no TLS
    * refactor(test): clean iptables after test
    * refactor(ports): improved fix conflict
    * refactor(ports): manage secondary displays
    * refactor: remove display_file pre-generated
    * cache connections only if writeable
    * user may have been removed
    * retry 10 times to solve conflict