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    Feature #973 cd (#980) · 6f1c6bb5
    Francesc Guasch authored
    * wip(frontend): allow create cdrom disk devices
    issue #973
    * wip(volumes): store order number of volume
    So we can sort them for change or removal
    issue #973
    * wip(backend): allow cdrom volumes
    also store order and do not remove cdrom on machine removal
    issue #973
    * test(backend): test CD rom and boot order
    Changed all the test with disk devices involved because
    now CDs are a special case of disks.
    issue #973
    * feature(frontend): manage disk devices
    Add, remove and change disk and CD settings
    issue #973
    * feature(backend): manage disk devices
    Allow manage CDs and other disk devices including boot order
    issue #973