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    #629 clean (#735) · 739c6594
    Francesc Guasch authored
    * [#629] [test] volatiles are removed from front
    * [#629] [test] check volumes are removed
    * [#629] check volumes are removed after shutdown
    * [#629] force volume removal after shutdown of volatile
    * [#629] test XML in extra data is there
    * [#629] Allow forced virtual machine open
    It will open even if there is no real virtual machine
    in the VM
    * [#629] store extra information of the virtual machine
    Each different VM can have extra fields only for its kind
    * fix: clean iptables even if domain removed
    * fix: remove domain even it is not known
    * wip(backend): remove disks from volatile clones
    issue #629 wip
    * feat(backup): clean temporary machines volumes
    issue #629
    * test(volatile): check volatile volumes are removed
    * fix(downloads): retry if download failed
    * fix(volatile): clean requests on machine remove
    issue #629
    * test(volatile): old machines crashed on remove
    * fix(volatile): old volatile machines crashed on remove
    If the machines were created before this feature, they were
    missing the extra information, create it on open
    issue #629
    * fix(volatile): fixed SQL remove old requests
    issue #629
    * fix(frontend): open front domain
    issue #629
    * fix(volatile): show current name instead internal
    issue #629