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    Release 0.6 (#1245) · c5430bf2
    Francesc Guasch authored
    Merge development into master for release
    * fix(install): upgrade timestamps (#1205)
    issue #1204
    * test(auth): check login with uid or cn
    * test(auth): properly check both uid and cn
    * fix(cleanup): don't kill recent stale process
    * test(frontend): clone info works when extra ports
    * feature(cli): remove domain
    * fix(backend): done process get closed
    * Fix/1180 save screenshot database (#1207)
    fix(frontend): save screenshot in database
    * The screenshot is now storaged in the database and included as a JSON field
    * The test has been modified according to the new functions.
    fixes #1180
    * fix(backend): do not count waiting processes
    * test(frontend): check process limits
    * Refactor frontend web service (#1212)
    * refactor(frontend): websockets admin and list bases
    * feature(frontend): warn admin about configure proxy
    * refactor(frontend): show/hide requests
    issue #1196
    * aim for release 0.6
    * changes for 0.6
    * refactor(test): remaining tests that failed without root
    * Fix/1218 copy local screenshots database (#1219)
    Copies local screenshot files to the database
    Checks if the screenshot column exists (added in the 0.5 release)
    fixes #1218
    * Refactor #1208 ldap (#1210)
    refactor(auth): use PBKDF2 to store encripted data in LDAP
    * test(auth): check with MD5 and PBKDF2
    * refactor(auth): improved LDAP support
    * enabled PBKDF2 and SHA-256
    * suggest bind by default
    * test old rfc2307 and new format and hashing
    issue #1208
    * Using the eventual ldap.field configuration option, uid as default (#1206)
    * fix(auth): search in LDAP by uid and cn by default
    * Fix/1154 improve new machine page (#1222)
    fix(frontend): Improve users management in admin
       Modifies the regex to allow float values on the disk size
    fixes #1150 & #1154
    * fix(backend): retry processes properly
    * fix(backend): convert disk size to integer
    * refactor(nodes): do not balance when only 1 node
    * Fix #1135 drivers  (#1225)
    * test(backend): check drivers are kept on migration
    Positive duplication of problem reported by @eagliardi
    issue #1135
    * fix(install): dependency for new LDAP auth
    * Refactor #1196 ping (#1227)
    refactor(frontend): ping backend WS
    issue #1196
    * Fix #1023 anonymous users don't get deleted (#1214)
    fix(backend): remove temporary user on shutdown or remove
    * test(backend): temporary user get removed
    * test(auth): check when upgrade
    * refactor(frontend): allow ws anonyous on some channels
    * refactor(frontend): removed legacy ping backend
    * test(volatile): check users are removed
    closes issue #1023
    * fix(frontend): only refresh screenshot when action mode (#1229)
    issue #1228
    * fix(frontend): settings button was missing
    * Refactor #1228 action (#1230)
    * fix(frontend): copy contents so it flickrs less
    issue #1228
    * fix(install): added missing , in SQL
    * fix(install): upgrade screenshots from previous releases
    * refactor(frontend): empty ws didn't return anything
    * test(frontend): check web services
    * list machines
    * list bases user
    * fix(backend): prepare base before clone many
    * Feature  restrict access by client (#1233)
    feture(frontend):  allow machines if access by client granted
    * feature(frontend): setup access by client
    * test(frontend): test ws with access grant
    * feature(access): allow by accept-whatever with many options
    * test(frontend): check access by encoding
    issue #1213
    * Rebase virtual machines (#1224)
    feature(volumes): rebase volume files
    * fix(install): enable proxy for production hypnotoad
    * copyright message updated
    * refactor(test): ping without cache to speed it up
    * refactor(backend): keep track of instances
    Instead of searching for machines in nodes we keep
    track of instances so it is faster to remove them.
    issue #1235
    * Copy screenshot updated to db (#1234)
    * fix(frontend): copy screenshot updated to db
    necessary because of @eskumon changes
    closes issue #1221
    * refactor(db): table for instances
    * Improved contribution help for forks.
    * fix(backend): deal with conflicting ports
    This problem raised when creating multiple clones
    and starting them all at once.
    * test(ports): check when many clones start at once
    * fix(frontend): fixed reload in admin machines
    * Fix/1201 renew mac (#1232)
    fix(renewMac): Renew MAC on more than 1 NIC
    closes issue #1201
    * fix(iso): Fedora 21 correct name
    * fix(frontend): screenshot refresh
    * fix(install): upgrade to db screenshots fixed
    Properly reads the png blob
    * refactor(frontend): clone many from non-base fixed
    * Added Kali 2020 to the default ISO list (#1236)
    Added Kali 2020 to the default ISO list
    * fix(ISO): fixed to allow Kali and other ISOs
    * doc: fetch upstream git code with https
    * Refactor spinoff (#1237)
    refactor(backend): spinoff volumes
    Base in frontend actions slightly improved. Need some work though
    issue #852
    * test(backend): check copy many clones at once
    * refactor(backend): only clone many for > 1
    * fix(backend): spinoff_volumes is now spinoff
    * Change number of virtual CPUs (#1238)
    feature(KVM): change number of virtual CPUs
    * change CPUs and memory
    * refactor(test): change memory via hardware
    * refactor(frontend): more responsive machine settings
    * fix(test): start all clones requires no remote ip
    * Add tr.po (#1239)
    * Add in user settings the valencia language 
    * Add the valencia language
    * Fix two typos in spanish
    * How clean up a fork and restart it from upstream (#1243)
    * refactor(test): use common code
    * Do not run all the rebase test unless required
    * Properly detect browser languages
    * feature(ldap): force ssl version on connections
    required for connect to older LDAP servers
    * fix(qcow): check the volume is not in use
    * fix(test): missing chain name cleaning rules
    * refactor(frontend): improved list machines render
    * refactor(backend): cope with already removed volumes
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