Commit 11ae4aa9 authored by robertperez-upc's avatar robertperez-upc Committed by Francesc Guasch
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#1532 show message when exposing ports (#1632)

* #1532 show message when exposing ports

* Remove warns
parent a6149ca1
......@@ -6443,6 +6443,13 @@ sub refresh_ports($self, $request=undef) {
die "Virtual machine ".$self->name." is not up. retry.\n"if !$ip;
die "Virtual machine ".$self->name." $ip has ports down: $msg. retry.\n"
if $port_down;
if (($msg) && ($request))
my $uid = $request->args("uid");
my $user = Ravada::Auth::SQL->search_by_id($uid) if ($uid);
$user->send_message($msg) if ($user);
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