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......@@ -121,3 +121,62 @@ Then save an exit fdisk:
Calling ioctl() to re-read partition table.
Syncing disks.
Fix the new partition
The new partition must be checked and fixed before resize.
Fix it first in the host:
.. prompt:: bash #
ntfsfix /dev/nbd1p2
Now we need to let the Windows virtual machine to check the drive.
First of all disconnect the device from the *nbd* to let it run in the virtual machine.
It is a good idea to remove the *nbd* module to make sure it is properly disconnected.
.. prompt:: bash #
qemu-nbd -d /dev/nbd
rmmod nbd
Boot the virtual machine, enter the *cmd* as admin and check the disk. This command
will check the disk on the next reboot. Answer yes when asked and reboot the virtual
machine. It will probaly warn you that the disk will be checked unless a key is pressed.
Do not press any key, let it continue itself. In a few seconds it will be verified.
.. ::
C:> chkdsk c; /f
Come back again to the host and tell the filesystem to resize itself to the new full size limit:
.. prompt:: bash #
modprobe nbd
qemu-nbd -c /dev/nbd1 /var/lib/libvirt/images/WindowsE10-hda.qcow2
ntfsresize /dev/nbd1p2
Disconnect again the nbd and start the virtual machine.
.. prompt:: bash #
qemu-nbd -d /dev/nbd
rmmod nbd
Check the new size
Boot the virtual machine again, go to storage properties of the PC. The new size
should be available:
.. figure:: images/resize_volume.jpg
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