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refactor(help): updated git link and show mojo release

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......@@ -10,18 +10,19 @@
<div class="card col-lg-8 offset-md-2 bg-light">
<h2 class="text-center"><%=l 'About' %></h2>
<img class="img-responsive mx-auto" src="img/logo.png">
<h3><%=l 'Version' %></h3>
<%= $version %>
<h3><%=l 'Version' %> <%= $version %></h3>
% if (defined $_user && !$_user->is_temporary) {
<h3><%=l 'Authors' %></h3>
%= include 'bootstrap/authors'
% }
<h3><%=l 'Development' %></h3>
<%=l 'Below are listed the technologies used in this project:' %>
<li><%=l 'It is programmed in' %>&nbsp;<a href="">Perl</a>,</li>
<li><%=l 'with perl framework' %>&nbsp;<a href="">Mojolicious</a>,</li>
<li><%=l 'with perl framework' %>&nbsp;<a href="">Mojolicious</a> v<%= $Mojolicious::VERSION %>,</li>
<li><%=l 'and' %> HTML, CSS, <%=l 'and' %> JS framework <a href="">Bootstrap</a></li>
<span><%=l 'The code is available on ' %><a href="">Github</a>.</span>
<span><%=l 'The code is available on ' %> <a href="">Github</a>.</span>
<h3><%=l 'License' %></h3>
<span><%=l 'The code is ' %>&nbsp;<a href="">GPL</a>&nbsp;<%=l 'licensed.' %></span>
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