Commit 27ecb3e6 authored by Francesc Guasch's avatar Francesc Guasch
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refactor(backend) removed debug

parent 8486e072
......@@ -3974,7 +3974,8 @@ sub rsync($self, @args) {
my $msg = $self->_msg_log_rsync($file, $node, "rsync", $request);
$request->status("syncing") if $request;
$request->error($msg) if $request;
$request->error("Syncing $file");
$request->error($msg) if $request && $DEBUG_RSYNC;
warn "$msg\n" if $DEBUG_RSYNC;
my $t0 = time;
......@@ -600,11 +600,12 @@ sub _detect_disks_driver($self) {
my $file = $source->getAttribute('file');
next if $file =~ /iso$/;
next unless $self->_vm->file_exists($file);
my ($vol) = grep { defined $_->file && $_->file eq $file } @vols;
my $format = $vol->_qemu_info('file format');
confess "Error: wrong format ".Dumper($format)." for file $file"
unless $format =~ /^\w+$/;
unless !$format || $format =~ /^\w+$/;
confess "Error: no file format for $file" if !$format;
$driver->setAttribute(type => $format);
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