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# Ubuntu Installation
This document aims to demonstrate how to install Ubuntu operating system on user computer.
## Steps
1. the user needs at least 4.5 GB of free space on their compuputer.
2. Connect your USB or DVD containing Ubuntu program
3. when you turn on your computer the below image must show up automatically or by pressing F12.
4. make sure you are connected to internet, then the below image is shown. Mark both options and click on "continue".
5. below shows how to Use the checkboxes to choose whether you’d like to Install Ubuntu alongside another operating system, delete your existing operating system and replace it with Ubuntu. in our case we select "Something Else" and click on "continue".
(image 3)
6. In this stage, you will create partitions. first try to mark "Free space" and then change ??? to "/".
7. also it is strongly recommended to mark use as "swap area" to on.
Comments: the ??? is a word in catalan that I am not sure about and I will ask Frankie and put it here, it was like "punt algo"
also, I will put the images as well to be more clear
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