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fixed mariadb in debian installation doc

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......@@ -53,35 +53,24 @@ You must enable spice KVM manually:
Mysql Database
MySQL server
MariaDB server
.. Warning:: MySql required minimum version 5.6
It is required a MySQL server, it can be installed in another host or in
It is required a MySQL or MariaDB server, it can be installed in another host or in
the same one as the ravada package.
.. prompt:: bash $
sudo apt-get install mysql-server
sudo apt-get install mariadb-server
After completion of mysql installation, run command:
.. prompt:: bash $
sudo mysql_secure_installation
MySQL database and user
MariaDB database and user
It is required a database for internal use. In this examples we call it *ravada*.
We also need an user and a password to connect to the database. It is customary to call it *rvd_user*.
In this stage the system wants you to set a password for the sql connection.
.. Warning:: When installing MySQL you wont be asked for a password, you can set a password for the root user in MySQL via *mysql_secure_installation* or type your user's password when it ask's you for a password.
Create the database:
.. prompt:: bash $
sudo mysqladmin -u root -p create ravada
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