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......@@ -141,10 +141,12 @@ From command line
With self-signed certificates, it's necessary pass to the client the certificate of the authority which signed the host certificate.
remote-viewer --spice-ca-file=/etc/pki/libvirt-spice/ca-cert.pem spice://<ravada_servername>?tls-port=5902
SUBJECT=`openssl x509 -noout -text -in /etc/pki/libvirt-spice/server-cert.pem | grep Subject: | cut -f 10- -d " "`
remote-viewer --spice-ca-file=/etc/pki/libvirt-spice/ca-cert.pem spice:// "--spice-host-subject=$SUBJECT"
.. note::
If you connect directly to IP address the following error occurs: ``ssl: hostname '' verification failed``
Configuration in .vv file
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