Commit 6d646923 authored by Francesc Guasch's avatar Francesc Guasch
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refactor(backend): shows name or id when unknown

parent f33bb645
...@@ -2900,7 +2900,7 @@ sub _cmd_start { ...@@ -2900,7 +2900,7 @@ sub _cmd_start {
my $domain; my $domain;
$domain = $self->search_domain($name) if $name; $domain = $self->search_domain($name) if $name;
$domain = $self->search_domain_by_id($id_domain) if $id_domain; $domain = $self->search_domain_by_id($id_domain) if $id_domain;
die "Unknown domain '$name'" if !$domain; die "Unknown domain '".($name or $id_domain)."'" if !$domain;
my $uid = $request->args('uid'); my $uid = $request->args('uid');
my $user = Ravada::Auth::SQL->search_by_id($uid); my $user = Ravada::Auth::SQL->search_by_id($uid);
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