Unverified Commit 94bc4fa3 authored by Fernando Verdugo's avatar Fernando Verdugo Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #690 from UPC/656_raw

test: remove old volumes from multiple storage pools
parents 38e88d8d 932acc84
......@@ -256,20 +256,13 @@ sub _remove_old_disks_kvm {
# ok($vm,"I can't find a KVM virtual manager") or return;
my $dir_img;
eval { $dir_img = $vm->dir_img() };
return if !$dir_img;
opendir my $ls,$dir_img or return;
while (my $disk = readdir $ls) {
next if $disk !~ /^${name}_\d+.*\.(img|raw|ro\.qcow2|qcow2)$/;
$disk = "$dir_img/$disk";
next if ! -f $disk;
unlink $disk or next;#warn "I can't remove $disk";
for my $pool( $vm->vm->list_all_storage_pools ) {
for my $volume ( $pool->list_volumes ) {
next if $volume->get_name !~ /^${name}_\d+.*\.(img|raw|ro\.qcow2|qcow2)$/;
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