Commit 95b18c78 authored by fv3rdugo's avatar fv3rdugo
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add apt-get list

parent 685292b0
......@@ -30,6 +30,8 @@ Clone the sources:
apt-get install libmojolicious-perl mysql-server libauthen-passphrase-perl libdbd-mysql-perl libdbi-perl libdbix-connector-perl libipc-run3-perl libnet-ldap-perl libproc-pid-file-perl libvirt-bin libsys-virt-perl libxml-libxml-perl libconfig-yaml-perl libmoose-perl libjson-xs-perl qemu-utils perlmagick libmoosex-types-netaddr-ip-perl libsys-statistics-linux-perl libio-interface-perl libiptables-chainmgr-perl libnet-dns-perl wget
- libmojolicious-perl
- mysql-server
- libauthen-passphrase-perl
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