Commit 9bf377d3 authored by Francesc Guasch's avatar Francesc Guasch
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fix(KVM): XML with nested bases is bigger

parent 04c41c98
......@@ -1464,6 +1464,7 @@ sub _upgrade_tables {
my $self = shift;
# return if $CONNECTOR->dbh->{Driver}{Name} !~ /mysql/i;
$self->_upgrade_table('file_base_images','target','varchar(64) DEFAULT NULL');
$self->_upgrade_table('vms','vm_type',"char(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'KVM'");
......@@ -1552,6 +1553,7 @@ sub _upgrade_tables {
$self->_upgrade_table('domains_network','allowed','int not null default 1');
$self->_upgrade_table('iptables','id_vm','int DEFAULT NULL');
$self->_upgrade_table('vms','security','varchar(255) default NULL');
$self->_upgrade_table('grant_types','enabled','int not null default 1');
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