Commit 9f1e575e authored by Francesc Guasch's avatar Francesc Guasch
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[#41] at least show the error

This happens if the domain has changed its name.
The user must have done this in the DB or in the VM
backend directly.
parent e98e508a
......@@ -663,7 +663,7 @@ sub _search_requested_machine {
if !$id;
my $domain = $RAVADA->search_domain_by_id($id) or do {
$c->stash( error => "Unknown base id=$id");
$c->stash( error => "Unknown domain id=$id");
......@@ -730,6 +730,7 @@ sub view_machine {
return login($c) if !_logged_in($c);
$domain = _search_requested_machine($c) if !$domain;
return $c->render(template => 'bootstrap/fail') if !$domain;
return show_link($c, $domain);
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