Commit a609706e authored by Francesc Guasch's avatar Francesc Guasch
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search for virtual manager name

parent 8c33bab7
......@@ -166,15 +166,15 @@ sub create_domain {
my %args = @_;
my $backend = $args{backend};
delete $args{backend};
my $vm_name = $args{vm};
delete $args{vm};
my $vm = $self->vm->[0];
$vm = $self->search_vm($backend) if $backend;
$vm = $self->search_vm($vm_name) if $vm_name;
carp "WARNING: no backend defined, we will use ".$vm->name
if !$backend;
carp "WARNING: no VM defined, we will use ".$vm->name
if !$vm_name;
return $vm->create_domain(@_);
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