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# ravada [![GitHub version](]( [![License: GPL v3](](
Remove Virtual Desktops Manager
Broker: ravada
Hypervisors: [KVM]( - [LXC](
Remote Access: [Spice](
## Remove Virtual Desktops Manager
Ravada is a software that allows the user to connect to a
remote virtual desktop.
In the current release we use the
KVM Hypervisors: [KVM]( as the backend for the Virtual Machines.
[LXC]( support is currently in development.
### Features
* KVM backend for Windows and Linux Virtual machines
* LDAP and SQL authentication
* Kiosk mode
* Remote Access with [Spice]( for Windows and Linux
* Light and fast virtual machine clones for each user
* Instant clone creation
* USB redirection
* Easy and customizable end users interface
* Administration from a web browser
## Install
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