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Profiling Ravada
If you think a process takes much more than it should or you want
to check where time is spent the NYT Perl Profiler is very easy to use.
Just follow these steps:
Start the *rvd_front* service but **stop** *rvd_back*. We will start it
again later with profiling enabled.
Remove the requests from the database:
.. prompt:: mysql>
delete from requests;
Click on the web admin to run the request you want to check. It should appear
now in the requests table:
.. prompt:: mysql>
select id,command from requests;
Run rvd_back
Run the *rvd_back* service with profiling enabled, and make it stop when it
reaches the request you want to profile. You found the request id in the previous
.. prompt:: bash $
sudo perl -d:NYTProf bin/ --no-fork --debug --run-request=148
Profile files
Create the profiling files with these commands:
.. prompt:: bash $
kcachegrind nytprof.callgrind
Sort it by self to see where the time is spent on.
More info
Find out more about NYTProf profiler in these
`slides <>`
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