Commit b244e851 authored by fv3rdugo's avatar fv3rdugo Committed by Francesc Guasch
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[#344] Checks

parent 0813b1bd
...@@ -248,10 +248,11 @@ sub import_vbox { ...@@ -248,10 +248,11 @@ sub import_vbox {
chomp $storage_pool; chomp $storage_pool;
} }
print "STORAGE POOL IS $storage_pool \n"; print "STORAGE POOL IS $storage_pool \n";
if ( $name && $file_vdi ) {
my @cmd = ("qemu-img convert -p -f vdi -O qcow2 $file_vdi $storage_pool/$name.qcow2"); my @cmd = ("qemu-img convert -p -f vdi -O qcow2 $file_vdi $storage_pool/$name.qcow2");
system(@cmd); system(@cmd);
print "Warning: Missing args! \n";
#new machine xml change source file #new machine xml change source file
#remove swap #remove swap
#remove cdrom #remove cdrom
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