Commit b8ce680b authored by Francesc Guasch's avatar Francesc Guasch
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Merge branch 'main' into develop

parents 640b3797 c5fdd43f
......@@ -1529,11 +1529,11 @@ sub test_displays($vm, $node, $no_builtin=0) {
like($req->error,qr{^($|rsync done)}) or exit;
$domain = Ravada::Domain->open($domain->id);
my @displays1 = $domain->display_info(user_admin);
my @displays1 = grep {!$_->{is_secondary} } $domain->display_info(user_admin);
my $domain_f = Ravada::Front::Domain->open($domain->id);
my @displays_f = $domain_f->display_info(user_admin);
my @displays_f = grep {!$_->{is_secondary} } $domain_f->display_info(user_admin);
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