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Steps to release
## Draft the release
At code -> releases draft a new release
* tag version : aname.2
* release title : 0.2.2
All the 0.2 releases are called _Aname_ , so 0.2.2 is _Aname.2_
## Create the milestone
Create a milestone called like the tag version: 0.2.2. There must be a way to link it to the _tag_ , I just don't know how.
## Create issues
Assign issues to the mileston
# Close
## Close the milestone
Check the milestone has no open issues and close it.
## Create a branch
$ git checkout master
$ git checkout -b aname.2
$ git push --set-upstream origin aname.2
## Close the release
Make sure the target is the same as the branch, not the master
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