Commit c3996edc authored by Francesc Guasch's avatar Francesc Guasch
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refactor(frontend): fix user groups messages

parent 96974d27
<div class="card-body"> <div class="card-body">
<%=l 'Add to group' %> <%=l 'Add to group' %>
<span ng-show="loading_users"><i class="fas fa-sync-alt fa-spin"></i></span> <span ng-show="groups && !groups.length">
<span ng-show="user_groups && !user_groups.length">
<%=l 'No LDAP groups created.' %> <%=l 'No LDAP groups created.' %>
<a href="/admin/groups"><%=l 'Add groups' %></a> <a href="/admin/groups"><%=l 'Add groups' %></a>
</span> </span>
...@@ -33,4 +32,4 @@ ...@@ -33,4 +32,4 @@
</tr> </tr>
</tbody> </tbody>
</table> </table>
<div ng-show="user_groups.length==0">No member of any group</div> <div ng-show="user_groups.length==0"><%=l 'User is not member of any group.' %></div>
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