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documented feature contributed by @dani-sanchez-dorado

issue #823
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......@@ -3,6 +3,42 @@ Configure LDAP Authentication
Ravada can use LDAP as the authencation engine.
The configuration file is /etc/ravada.conf. The format is YML, make sure you
edit this file with spaces, no tabs.
Add a section ldap like this:
port: 389 # or 636 for secure connections
secure: 0 # defaults to 1 if port is 636
base: dc=domain,dc=com
dn: cn=admin.user,dc=domain,dc=com
password: secretpassword
The _secure_ setting is optional. It defaults to 0 for port 389 (ldap) and to 1 for
port 636 ( ldaps ). It can be enabled so secure connections can be forced for other
The LDAP admin user can be a low level account with minimal privileges.
Another optional setting can be used to force the authentication method.
By default Ravada tries first to bind to the LDAP as the user. If that fails
then it
tries to match the encrypted password. You can force the method
auth: all # defaults to all, can be all, bind, match
Example: All users
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