Commit e02b6b61 authored by Fernando Verdugo's avatar Fernando Verdugo
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fix(typo): remove extra character

Thanks to @lperezpaz

Issue #1448
parent 83e9aed3
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ if [ ! -e $SERVER_KEY ]; then
# create a certificate signing request (csr)
if [ ! -e server-key.csr ]; then
openssl req -new -key $SERVER_KEY -out server-key.csr -subj "$SUBJECT/CN=$SERVER_IP>"
openssl req -new -key $SERVER_KEY -out server-key.csr -subj "$SUBJECT/CN=$SERVER_IP"
# signing our server certificate with this ca
if [ ! -e server-cert.pem ]; then
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