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# Documentation index
* [Install](INSTALL.html "Installation procedure")
* [Ravada installation](INSTALL.html "Installation procedure")
* [Install for development](INSTALL_devel.html "Development release")
* [Ubuntu Installation](Ubuntu_Installation.html "This document aims to demonstrate how to install Ubuntu operating system on user computer.")
* [How to add a Qemu-KVM storage pool](add_kvm_storage_pool.html "")
* [Apache](apache.html "")
* [Convert from VirtualBox(convert_from_virtualbox.html "to raw or qcow2")
* [Adding custom messages](custom.html "")
* [How to dump a hard drive to Ravada](dump_hard_drive.html "")
* [How to install a local LDAP](ldap_local.html "")
* [How to add a new ISO image](new_iso_image.html "")
* [Operation](operation.html "create users, import, admin...")
* [Running Ravada in production](production.html "")
* [Swap partition](swap_partition.html "will save a lot of disk space")
* [Troubleshooting frequent problems](troubleshooting.html "")
* [Update your Ravada](update.html "steps for a clean update")
* [Windows SPICE client](windows_client.html "Fix Windows registry")
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