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    [dev] Starting refactoring to correct behavior on message processing. · 1c683daa
    sikeda authored
    - X-Sympa-*: header fields are stripped at first of message parsing.  They will no longer included into outgoing messages.
    - Conversely, new Message::to_string() adds header fields above at the top of serialized messages.
    - Message::new() now takes string and metadata as argument: MIME::Entity instance, "message_in_spool" hashref and filename are omitted.
    - Tentative Message::new_from_file() is a wrapper of above.  It may be removed when refactoring will completed.
    - New tools::unmarshal_metadata() to explode metadata from file name of spooled message.  This uses new tools::split_listname() utility function to analyze list identifiers.
    - sympa ::DoFile() was renamed to process_message() and takes Message as argument.
    - Message::check_param_status() and Message::check_dkim_signature() are separated from Message::new(), because they are needed by incoming messages (in "msg" queue).  ToDo: decrypt() and check_smime_Signature() should be also handled in the same way.
    - mail::mail_file() changed its prototype.  ToDo: this would be splitted into Message::new_from_template() and mail::sending().
    git-svn-id: 05aa8bb8-cd2b-0410-b1d7-8918dfa770ce