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    [dev] Refactoring and changes, mainly about S/MIME processing: · 41eedc8b
    sikeda authored
    - Optional modules are lazily loaded with "eval 'use MODULE'" in BEGIN phase, and be checked availability testing $MODULE::VERSION variable which all modern CPAN modules will have.
    - tools::smime_parse_cert(): Now it takes arguments with plain hash instead of hashref.
    - tools::smime_find_keys(): Now it takes context (Sympa::List or site) instead of directory.
    - List::get_cert() returns scalar instead of array.
    - Use Crypt::OpenSSL::X509 instead of openssl to parse certificates.
    - Use list-style open() to open pipes.
    - Certificates and keys for sympa and/or listmaster should be able to be prepared per robots;
    - and they should be placed in $robot->{etc}, instead of "$robot->{home}/sympa".
    - Use any CPAN module instead of "openssl pkcs7" to extract certificates in signed messages.
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