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    [feature][Submitted by G.Rousse, INRIA]All changes are related to the installation process: · 4904dd8d
    olivier.salaun authored
     - some fixes to the recent autotools reorganization
     - no more use the FHS organization when upgrading Sympa
     - remove obsolete sudo wrapper
     - change location of perl modules in src/lib/
     - rename perl modules with the .pm file extension
     - replace --VAR-- substitution with a Constans.pm perl module
     - perform --VAR-- substitution at make time, no more at install time
     - defaultdir directory (old bin/etc/) renamed default/
     - remove Version.pm module (now using Constans.pm)
     - turn SPEC file into a template, to have version automatically substituted, drop most post-install stuff excepted user/group creation, and use FHS setup
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