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    Inconsistent location of messge footer/header files #507 · 4bca7ac9
    IKEDA Soji authored
      - Message footer/header files of domain/site default are put in `mail_tt2` subdirectories while those of list config are not.
        Fixed by put all of them in consistent location without intermediate directories (See also Notes below).
      - Entries for header/footer files in `edit_list.conf` were ignored.
      - File names themselves of header/footer were changed:
        `message_header`, `message_header.mime` etc.
        This is due to concideration about conflict between files and directories with domain names (See also Notes below).
      - Header/footer files with `.mime` extension:
        Previously, files with this extension were always preferred, then files without extension were used.  This behavior has not been documented.
        Now files with extension will be searched only in case `footer_type` is `mime`.  Files without extension will be searched in both cases.
      - Files with older names/paths in list/domain/site config directories will be copied to new location during upgrading process.
      - Template files with old names in families (`message.header.tt2` etc.) will be used as before and will be copied to new location during instantiation. If files with new names (`message_header.tt2` etc.) will be preferred, if they will be added.
    Known bug:
      - There are no web UI to edit global footer (`message_global_footer`).