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    Deprecate implicit sync_include in Sympa::List constructor (#955) · 6aa1a06d
    IKEDA Soji authored
    * review: Won't process sync_include in advance so that processing will be faster.
    * Refactoring. Sympa::List::on_the_fly_sync_include() was removed. Instead, "include" request handler had "delay" option.
    * Remove unused "last_sync" cache entries.  "last_change" entries remain.
    * sync_include will no longer be invoked during Sympa::List->new():
      - No owner defined in a list is no longer treated as error_config.
      - Instead, if no owner defined,
         - If possible, discard incoming message and send back DSN to original sender,
         - or, notifications to owners will be redirected to listmaster(s).
    * Refactoring: Remove unused functions
    * Small refactoring: mail_tt2/listeditor_notification.tt2 is no longer used.
    * Clarify log messages and DSN about undefined owner/editor/listmaster