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    [feature] [experimental] "smtpc" is a command line utility aiming to be an... · 7542e4b1
    sikeda authored
    [feature] [experimental] "smtpc" is a command line utility aiming to be an alternative to sendmail(1) utility and its clones with smaller footprint. (Note that this utility needs SMTP/LMTP server realying submitted messages).
    It also supports some SMTP extensions several clones (and partly original one) have not been supported:
    - DSN extension - As of Sympa 6.2, message tracking feature requires it.
    - SMTPUTF8 extension - As of planned Sympa 7.0, email address internalization (eai) feature presumes it.
    To use smtpc as replacement of sendmail, add sympa.conf the lines:
      sendmail      /path/to/smtpc
      sendmail_args --esmtp <host name of relaying server>
    or with LMTP server:
      sendmail      /path/to/smtpc
      sendmail_args --lmtp <socket path of relaying server>
    git-svn-id: https://subversion.renater.fr/sympa/branches/sympa-6.2-branch@12172 05aa8bb8-cd2b-0410-b1d7-8918dfa770ce