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    [dev] Rewriting Sympa::Language. · 9e24975b
    sikeda authored
    - Now Sympa::Language is singleton class.  Get instance using Sympa::Language->instance().
    - Changed names of functions.
      CanonicLang     => canonic_lang
      ImplicatedLangs => implicated_langs
      Lang2Locale     => lang2locale
      Lang2Locale_old => lang2oldlocale (ex. Lang2Locale() in Language package)
      NegotiateLang   => negotiate_lang
    - Changed names of methods (formerly functions).
      PushLang        => push_lang
      PopLang         => pop_lang (allows multiple arguments)
      SetLang         => set_lang (ditto)
      GetLangName     => native_name (optional argment was deprecated)
      GetLang         => get_lang
      sympa_dgettext  => dgettext
    - Added a new method gettext_sprintf().  It will be extracted by po/xgettext.pl.
    - Now POSIX locale will be set at inside of gettext_sprintf() and gettext_strftime().  Native strftime(), sprintf() etc. won't be affected by set_lang().
    - maketext() was deprecated.
    - GetCharset() was deprecated.  Use tools::lang2charset().
    git-svn-id: https://subversion.renater.fr/sympa/branches/sympa-6.2-branch@10608 05aa8bb8-cd2b-0410-b1d7-8918dfa770ce