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    ***** Replace storage of password with encryption by md5 fingerprint. This · 311cae8c
    serge.aumont authored
    ***** make remind password impossible. So now a one time ticket table is created
    ***** ticket are  sent by email as an authentication token. Ticket can be used 
    ***** for lost password, create account, moderation request . It should be
    ***** generalized to all operation that need a email chalenge.
    ***** sympa.pl --md5_encode_password change password encoding in the database using md5.So IT IS NOT REVERSIBLE,
    ***** so you should save the database (in a safe place to protect password) 
      -  new login method include now "last login from [HOST] at [date]" information  message
      -  new daily task to remove tickets older than 10d (task parameters in conf.pm): 
           - purge_one_time_ticket_table_task default daily
           - one_time_ticket_table_ttl default 10d
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