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Merge pull request #851 from racke/pr/quiet-import by racke

Prevent welcome emails on import with --quiet.
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......@@ -513,6 +513,7 @@ if ($main::options{'dump'} or $main::options{'dump_users'}) {
force => 1,
sender => Sympa::get_address($list, 'listmaster'),
scenario_context => {skip => 1},
quiet => $main::options{quiet},
unless ($spindle and $spindle->spin) {
printf STDERR "Failed to add email addresses to %s\n", $list;
......@@ -1874,6 +1875,8 @@ The imported data should contain one entry per line : the first field
is an email address, the second (optional) field is the free form name.
Fields are spaces-separated.
Use C<--quiet> to prevent welcome emails.
## Data to be imported
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