Commit 03255cf0 authored by IKEDA Soji's avatar IKEDA Soji
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Add create_list.closed scenario.

parent 39e3006a
......@@ -46,6 +46,9 @@
[%~ ELSIF report_entry == 'create_list_listmaster' ~%]
[%|loc()%]List creation is restricted to listmaster.[%END%]
[%~ ELSIF report_entry == 'create_list_closed' ~%]
[%|loc()%]List creation is not allowed.[%END%]
[%~ ELSIF report_entry == 'd_edit_subscriber' ~%]
[%|loc()%]Shared document edition is restricted to list subscribers.[%END%]
[%|loc()%]If you are subscribed to the list with a different email address, you should either use that other email address or update your list membership with the new email address.[%END%]
title.gettext closed
true() smtp,dkim,md5,smime -> reject('create_list_closed')
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