Commit 0cb92930 authored by Markus Jylhänkangas's avatar Markus Jylhänkangas
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Wrap _add_list_admin in transaction

parent 978001b8
......@@ -3424,11 +3424,19 @@ sub add_list_admin {
my @users = @_;
my $total = 0;
my $sdm = Sympa::DatabaseManager->instance;
foreach my $user (@users) {
$total++ if $self->_add_list_admin($role, $user);
$self->_cache_publish_expiry('admin_user') if $total;
my $rc = $sdm->commit;
unless ($rc) {
$log->syslog('err', 'Error at add admin commit: %s', $sdm->error);
return $total;
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