Commit 0cd5abe5 authored by IKEDA Soji's avatar IKEDA Soji
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IPv6 support needs Socket6 & IO::Socket::IP (or IO::Socket::INET6).

parent a8016d99
......@@ -266,6 +266,13 @@ feature 'Net::DNS', 'This is required if you set a value for "dmarc_protection_m
requires 'Net::DNS', '>= 0.65';
feature 'ipv6', 'Required to support IPv6 with client features.' => sub {
requires 'Socket6', '>= 0.23';
# Note: Some distributions e.g. RHEL/CentOS 6 do not provide package for
# IO::Socket::IP. If that is the case, use IO::Socket::INET6 instead.
requires 'IO::Socket::IP', '>= 0.21';
feature 'ldap', 'Required to query LDAP directories. Sympa can do LDAP-based authentication ; it can also build mailing lists with LDAP-extracted members.' => sub {
# openldap-devel is needed to build the Perl code
requires 'Net::LDAP', '>= 0.40';
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