Commit 0eac0fce authored by Mic Kaczmarczik's avatar Mic Kaczmarczik
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Fix CSS attributes for un-hovered navigation menu items

parent 9d0b3a5d
......@@ -1988,6 +1988,10 @@ span.bottom_page, p.bottom_page{
.top-bar, .top-bar-section ul li, .top-bar-section li:not(.has-form) a:not(.button){
background-color: [% color_6 %];
/* properly set active list item color when not hovered */
.top-bar-section a:not(.button){
background-color: [% color_5%];
.top-bar .top-bar-section li:not(.has-form) a:not(.button):hover{
background-color: [% color_5%];
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