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Mail loop for sympa-request address (#1018)

As of Postfix 2.3, Content of Return-Path: pseudo-header field added by pipe(8) for null envelope sender became "MAILER-DAEMON".  Empty `null_sender` option will prevent this behavior.
As a workaround, the uppercase "<MAILER-DAEMON>" will be treated as null envelope sender.
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......@@ -134,6 +134,9 @@ sub new {
my $addr = $1;
if ($addr =~ /<>/) { # special: null envelope sender
$self->{'envelope_sender'} = '<>';
} elsif ($addr =~ /<MAILER-DAEMON>/) {
# Same as above, but a workaround for pipe(8) of Postfix 2.3+.
$self->{'envelope_sender'} = '<>';
} else {
my @addrs = Mail::Address->parse($addr);
if (@addrs
......@@ -4377,6 +4380,10 @@ Prepending C<Return-Path:> is available by default.
Add C<R> to the C<flags=> attributes in
Additionally with Postfix 2.3 or later, add an empty C<null_sender=>
Or "null envelope sender" would be replaced with C<E<lt>MAILER-DAEMONE<gt>>.
=item Exim
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