Unverified Commit 14ed8900 authored by Stefan Hornburg (Racke)'s avatar Stefan Hornburg (Racke) Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #4 from ikedas/racke/pr/fix-invalid-aliases-program-message

Added an option "none" for aliases_program parameter
parents ab90800a ffbc4156
......@@ -479,11 +479,12 @@ our %pinfo = (
context => [qw(domain site)],
order => 4.04,
group => 'mta',
format => 'makemap|newaliases|postalias|postmap|/.+',
format => 'makemap|newaliases|postalias|postmap|/.+|none',
default => 'newaliases',
gettext_id => 'Program used to update alias database',
gettext_comment =>
'This may be "makemap", "newaliases", "postalias", "postmap" or full path to custom program.',
# Option "none" was added on 6.2.61b
aliases_wrapper => {
context => [qw(domain site)],
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