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[-dev] correction of several documentations.

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......@@ -545,6 +545,6 @@ TBD.
=head1 SEE ALSO
L<Sympa::DatabaseDriver>, L<Sympa::Datasource>, L<SDM>.
L<Sympa::DatabaseDriver>, L<Sympa::Datasource>.
......@@ -1204,10 +1204,10 @@ L<>.
=head1 HISTORY
L<Language> module appeared on Sympa 3.0.1 to handle NLS catalog in msgcat
L<Language> module supporting multiple languages by single installation
and using NLS catalog in msgcat format appeared on Sympa 3.0a.
Sympa 4.1 adopted gettext portable object (PO) catalog and POSIX locale.
Sympa 4.2b.3 adopted gettext portable object (PO) catalog and POSIX locale.
On Sympa 6.2, rewritten module L<Sympa::Language> adopted BCP 47 language tag
to determine language context, and installing POSIX locale became optional.
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